Saturday, February 23, 2008

miscellaneous observations

I canvassed a bit around the Transit Hotel and spoke with a number of aboriginals in another part of the riding. I quite enjoyed this as I really liked the way they were open and engaging. I bet that if I hung around the Transit Hotel next Saturday night and slapped some hard working backs I'd pick up a bunch of votes and have a good time doing it. I think they appreciate a politician actually wanting to listen to them, as opposed to those who are too busy expressing concern for them to listen. I heard aboriginals describe life on the reserve as "communism". It wasn't something I was expecting to hear. The immigrants also appreciate a politician's attention. When I mention something about their home country they are pleased that an Albertan was interested enough in the rest of the world to visit their country or at least learn something about it.

On another note, I noticed how people can be more accomodating on the door step in their talk than they really are. A woman who said she planned to vote Wildrose the first time I was there now has a SoCred sign on her lawn and wouldn't take mine. Another guy who said he voted P"C" in the past but thought they did nothing was today sporting what appeared to be the biggest P"C" sign in the riding on his lawn, and this on a side street. The rudest people may in fact be the most honest.

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