Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Comments welcome

Comment threads can so often turn into bickering, partisan, foul rants that I doubted it would raise the level of public discourse to enable such a forum, particularly when I'm a candidate. If Ed Stelmach had a blog that allowed anonymous comments it would surely be a gong show! However, apparently there IS another Alberta politician with comments turned on: Liberal David Swann in Calgary Mountain View. So behooves me to do one better and allow any and all comments.

As an aside, according to Swann he is "not allowed" to update his blog during the campaign, which can only mean that he can't blog without billing the Alberta taxpayer. Is there anything a Liberal politician can do without billing the taxpayer? Having said that, David Swann does appear to have a impressively powerful passion for social justice. I don't believe that passion actually ends up helping the disadvantaged; and to take an example of that I'd point to rent controls, something Swann advocates. The benefits and costs of rent controls are distributed arbitrarily, and are unsustainable in the long term, as economists can explain. But he's sensitive, which is worth a lot when acting a private citizen.

I may not respond to all comments. That does not mean your opinion is not valued and considered!

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