Sunday, February 17, 2008

Innovation, the environment, the Steyn case, etc

I've added a bunch of material to my website,, covering everything from Paul Romer's endogenous growth theory, to technology commercialization, to emissions credit trading, to Mark Steyn's run-in with a human rights commission.

I even opined on the gay marriage issue. I realize that a lot of people may disagree with me. But at least I've said something. When I go to Ray Martin's website I can find absolutely zero statements by Ray Martin on anything. How are voters supposed to inform themselves? Is is right if the person who gets elected is the person who says least or speaks in the greatest generalities?

I realize that not everyone has a computer so my online material is not available to them. Unfortunately, it is going to be a challenge for me to reach every home in the riding personally. I can't emphasis enough, however, that I will personally visit every riding resident who contacts me and wishes to meet. And I hope to at least get out some printed material to those I can't meet. Which means I better sign off and get back out there!

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