Monday, February 25, 2008

Edmonton area All Candidates Forum Tuesday at 7 pm

Unfortunately there will be no all candidates forum for Beverly - Clareview unless the other candidates cooperate (one has already declined and another has not responded to me) so I have agreed to attend one for the general Edmonton area tomorrow at 7 pm. It will be held at St Josephat's Parish Hall, 10637 - 108 Ave, just a couple blocks south of the Royal Alex Hospital.

When a forum isn't focused on a riding it is typically hosted by a community organization and the questions will focus on issues of interest to that community. This one is being put on by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress so obviously this will be of particular interest to Ukrainian Albertans. Although I have been to the Ukraine and look forward to some focused discussion, I expect that questions from the floor will cover the full range of issues that concern Albertans hence don't be afraid to come out even if you are not Ukrainian! It appears this will be your one chance to put a question to me in a situation like this during this election.

The other candidates attending are:
Debbie Cavaliere (Liberal) - Edmonton Meadowlark
Bill Donahue (PC) - Edmonton Centre
Hana Razga (NDP) - Edmonton Whitemud

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