Friday, May 27, 2011

Romney sells out again

I have been in China for a few weeks and expect to be there for a few months yet. I had worked out a tunnel that allowed access to Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger but it has since been filled in (this may be an argument for blogging via Wordpress).

I have made a weekend trip to Vladivostok, Russia, however, and will use this opportunity to quickly state that I have lost what enthusiasm I may have had for the candidacy of former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney for the Republican 2012 nomination.

Apparently Romney has declared without ambiguity that "I support the subsidy of ethanol." Yet another case of a supposedly conservative politician opposed government spending except when they are for it. Now there are a variety of things which rightly call for some government support, but subsidizing the production of something which encourages the conversion of natural wilderness to farmland (not directly in the North America, but indirectly through the global food chain) is not one of them.