Sunday, January 25, 2009

in India

I'm presently in Goa, India and thus haven't had much time or ability to get online. However, I see that things have changed little in Alberta... Finance Minister Iris Evans has announced the P"C" government's opposition to a national security regulator. Never mind the fact that on an issue that would REALLY serve provincial interests, like publically opposing the demands of Ontario's premier for federal (read: Alberta) dollars to fund an auto bailout, the Stelmach govt has been MIA. Good ol' Ed would rather continue his populist ways and defy pretty much every expert report on the subject of a national securities regulator.

While I worked at Finance Canada we noted that Canada does not, in fact, have the most fragmented securities regulation. Apparently we take 2nd place on that count to Bosnia. Perhaps Ed "if the people don't have time for policy than neither do I" Stelmach is hoping Canada moves into first place...