Monday, February 11, 2008

the full Wildrose Alliance platform part I

In the post below I'm trying to get a little goodnatured dig in at Mr Flanagan, but don't get me wrong here. Even if I find Mr Flanagan's theories about taxation a little dubious, fact is he's published some stuff. Not in an referreed academic journal perhaps, but published nonetheless, and I'm more impressed with a politician who has expressed a position on 1000 issues, a dozen of which are questionable, than a politician who has a position on just 10 uncontroversial issues.

If you are too scared to put a foot wrong, then don't go anywhere!

The Wildrose Alliance isn't scared. We've got our full platform on our website, and the odds of any given reader being in 100% agreement with every single plank is exceedingly low. Fact is, I voted against the inclusion of a number of them at our last convention. But the other fact is that I had a chance to propose planks, speak on them, and vote on them. If I don't like one of them, is the solution to go to another party where any policy convention for ordinary members is purely for show? I believe the platform is largely from the Wildrose side of the Wildrose Alliance, and the Wildrose Party was so small last year that I doubt that there were much more than 100 voters present at the last policy convention. Instead of expecting the party to subtract someone else's voice, why not add your own?

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