Thursday, February 28, 2008

Brian Dell in the media

What surprises me is are the minor errors. The Edmonton Journal:

... enthusiasm was high Wednesday night at a Wildrose Alliance Party rally in Mill Woods. ... they yelled in response to Edmonton Highlands-Norwood candidate Brian Dell's question. 'What do we want?', he prodded. 'Change,' they replied. People who are tired of the Tories but can't stomach the Liberals or NDP have a place to park their vote, Dell said. 'We need another alternative that won't spend even more money than the Conservatives.'

Great piece (although I should have never called this bloated government of ours "Conservative" lest people be misled into thinking it's conservative). But Highlands - Norwood?

The Edmonton Examiner cites my photo as "Bryan Dell". It also says I have three masters degrees. Since a law degree in the United States (a Juris Doctor or JD) is considered a full graduate degree it is easy to conclude that a law degree in the Commonwealth is as well, but in fact a LLB is technically an undergraduate degree.

Minor errors, then.

I was rather concerned about the Examiner piece because I was interviewed on the phone and off the top of my head I went to economic issues and figured I came off sounding too pro-business, at least for this riding. But the article ended up devoting a good chunk to my criticism of the Tory plan for addressing the medical staff shortage so fortunately I didn't come across as obsessed with the concerns of business to the exclusion of issues like healthcare (which would be fine if that were accurate but sincerely don't believe it is). The order also helped me, because it went Martin (NDP), myself, Isaac (Liberal), Vandermeer (PC), and then Pivot (Green) and Porteous (SC).

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