Monday, April 21, 2008

Gerry Nicholls on federal Tories

Yes sir, there is room for everybody in Mr. Harper's Red Populist Nationalist Alliance – everybody, that is, but conservatives who believe in the equality of citizens and want more freedom and less government. Sadly, these Canadians no longer have a political home.

There is an alternative in Alberta (Wildrose Alliance, anyone?), but if I learned anything from running as a candidate myself earlier this year, it's that there really isn't much a market for "non-populist" fiscal conservatism per se. There are plenty of pundits who support that, but it just doesn't sell on the door steps. Even Link Byfield was telling me our Wildrose Alliance party should look at more populist policies if we expect to get very far. I disagree with that; - my first call during the provincial campaign was from a constituent in my riding who worked as a lawyer for the province's most prestigious boutique tax law firm. He felt my candidacy filled a void.

Even if we can't win, if we have what the economic experts agree are the best, pro-growth policies, the media will push to get our talking points into what I've been calling the national conversation.

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