Thursday, April 10, 2008

Canadian film and TV tax credits part II

UWO Law prof Sam Trosow quotes Section 120.(12) of Bill C-10 and claims that "Bill C-10 is indeed doing something very new."

A remarkable claim, given that the Liberal government introduced legislation in 2003 that was WORD FOR WORD IDENTICAL.

I might note that the clause "contrary to public policy" is not a new arrival either, given that it appears in CAVCO's Guidelines dated Feb 2004 and in the film credit provincial legislation of FOUR provinces.

Last month Bloc MP Maria Mourani introduced a motion to "remove the reference to public policy ... because this new provision opens the door to unacceptable government censorship". Dr Trosow believes it was "unfortunate that the Liberals did not join with the Bloc and NDP in supporting Ms. Mourani's motion".

Yet even the Canadian Film and Television Production Association does not support "removal". Why? Because the CFTPA believes that there should at least be a reference to the Criminal Code. Thus even the industry's lobby group admits that tax breaks for the production of, say, child pornography would be too much to ask for.

But here's the real gem: if denying this particular tax credit constitutes "censorship", then "news, current events or public affairs programming", which does not qualify for the credit, is being CENSORED EVERY DAY! Where's the outrage?

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