Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the big tent of Alberta PCs on Facebook

Battle River - Wainwright MLA Doug Griffiths and I apparently both graduated from the U of A in 1996 with degrees in Philosophy; a major for me, an Honours for him. Whether we shared classes or not, I don't recall him.

Of interest here is Mr Griffiths' Facebook page. The honourable member says he is politically "moderate". Meanwhile, Finance Minister Iris Evans calls herself "very conservative" and Edmonton lawyer and blogger Ken "Congratulations for this [March 3] victory are also due to the entire Stelmach family – both personal and political. Well done and thank you" Chapman is comfortably over on the left side of the spectrum according to the "Political Compass" on his Facebook page. All of these people are heavily involved with the PC Party.

As for yours truly, in the Facebook world I'm simply "conservative" (although I added the "World's Smallest Political Quiz" app to my page which plots me in the libertarian camp).

In any case, what I really intend to discuss here is the note Griffiths posted on Sunday regarding the "US Slowdown", which AlbertaTory has called attention to. But I'll address that in a second post.

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