Monday, September 14, 2009

P"C" loss in Glenmore tonight

As results come in, the P"C"s have been running third for too long now to have a realistic hope of keeping this riding in the fold.

At 20:55 with 4407 votes in it is
Hinman (Wildrose Alliance) 1650 (37%)
Roberts (Liberal) 1440 (33%)
Colley-Urquhart 1188 (27%)

Let me say it now: we should have run Danielle! But you've earned this one Paul, I've always respected you. It's not over yet but congratulations for an outstanding performance even if the Liberals take it at the wire (which I doubt)!

UPDATE: 9:30 pm
I'm calling this for Hinman. Yes, Roberts is still close (3158 to 3432). But Hinman has won 29 polls and Roberts 18 (and DCU 13) with 6 polls left to report. The advance and the special poll would go with the riding, or even favour Hinman given the number of Hinman campaign workers (who typically vote in advance). Hinman is doing better in Southwood and Cedarbrae J and K should go Hinman too. That leaves Cedarbrae C, D, and E for Roberts. Even if she wins them by an average of 20 votes over Hinman, that's all of 60 and she is running more than 250 short.

UPDATE: 10:05 pm
The Liberal camp has conceded. WAY TO GO PAUL and the Calgary Wildrose Alliance volunteers!!!!

Final unofficial results: 10:20 pm
with 66 out of 66 polls reporting:
Paul Hinman (WAP) 4052 (36.7%)
Avalon Roberts (Liberal) 3776 (34.2%)
Diane Colley-Urquhart (PC) 2863 (26.0%)
Eric Carpendale (NDP) 148 (1.3%)
turnout 40.5%

"Guess what, Bronco? I'm back"
- Diane Colley-Urquhart

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