Tuesday, September 15, 2009

another snarky jab at the Dyrholm campaign

Seeing as it is possible that I might already be a candidate for pride of place on C. Chandler's Enemies List, I might as well run with it and take another poke at the Dyrholm campaign. When Craig informs me that I'm off his Christmas card list, then I'll know that I've gone over the line!

re my statement "Objectively, the 'argument' for voting for the WRA was stronger then than now," in the post below, I assume Mark Dyrholm would strenuously disagree since he was actively campaigning on behalf of Team Stelmach against us last year, specifically supporting Ron Liepert against Bob Babcock. All is forgiven, however, because I'm sure Bob would agree with me that we constituted a slate of hyper-conservatives, and gentlemen like Mr Dryholm had to take a stand against us in the name of judicious moderation! Many of the most active Wildrose Alliance supporters were evangelicals, and who was going to smite these people if not Mr Mark Dyrholm on behalf of the P"C" party? Dyrholm contributed to a convincing win for the P"C" Health minister, but cannot be given a perfect 10 for results against the field of P"C" enemies since Bob managed to collect more than 2000 votes under the WRA banner, up more than 1000 from the Alberta Alliance 2004 performance and this despite a decline in the Wildrose Alliance vote provincewide relative to to 2004!

Dyrholm stuck with the Stelmach crew through various trials and tribulations like their decision to award themselves fat pay hikes courtesy of the Alberta taxpayer, but when chiropractic care was delisted in the spring of this year, hitting Dyrholm in the pocketbook, the moment had arisen whereby fidelity to the crusade of True Conservatism necessitated jumping ship to the Wildrose Alliance and contesting the leadership candidacy of Danielle Smith, who, her duty at the Fraser Institute and her being attacked by PC Party member Ken Chapman as a secret "social conservative" ("she’d pull off a rebranding of Danielle Smith... Their hearts and their heads are still there and no one is fooled") notwithstanding, would be too liberal to helm the WRA and doesn't have enough political experience campaigning on behalf of Steady Eddie & the Self Pay Raising Band. Such is the storied journey of an "true and sincere" conservative, a man whom only nasty pieces of work like John Kelly would not endorse. Or not!


Anonymous said...

I noticed that at the beginning of his campaign listening to Dyrholm on radio and YouTube was like listening to a whiney teenager on a rant. At least in Edmonton he got his public speaking voice under control...

You're right, this is all about chiropractic. Many chiropractors believe some seriously bizarre things ('subluxations') that have no basis in scientific fact. I agree with de-listing them.

I keep hearing rumours about Chandler selling a massive amount of memberships and putting a Danielle victory in danger. I'd like to find out if this is a real threat or not, because a Dyrholm win will trash all our hard work on Paul's campaign.

Anonymous said...

We all need to do our part to sign up WA members.

I really believe that anyone who listens to Danielle speak will be easily swayed to support her leadership bid.

By nearly any measure, she is a far superior candidate to Dyrholm.

I have sold 5 memberships in the last couple days, if we all work together there is no need to be worried.


Anonymous said...

The rumors about Chandler and memberships are true, but not the selling part.

Chandler has been systematically buying memberships for people and he got caught.

The fact is Danielle Smith's campaign is actually doing the selling and if Chandlers campaign was being legitimate in selling this leadership race would have been over.

Yes the rumors of Chandler buying a membership for a deceased person are true.