Tuesday, November 17, 2009

blogging internally

These past few days I've deprived Albertans and the public in general of my wit and wisdom as I've been directing my screeds at various Wildrose Alliance personalities who, in my infallible judgment, could do with some instruction and improvement faciliated by none other than the redoubtable Brian Dell, Expert of Everything and Authority on All. Satisfied that I've made appropriate efforts to edify, enlighten, and inform my political colleagues I hope to return to throwing my pearls of wisdom before the general reading swine later today or tomorrow.

There are a number of conditions under which political movements start to unravel and one of these is when members stop listening to each other. Obviously people will not always agree. But if they are listened to with an attention appropriate to objective measures of how evidence- or argument-backed and non-self-serving their opinions are - as opposed to how influential they just happen to be - most people can live with that regardless of the result. When people start leaving is when they feel their views are not being fairly considered. Another condition under which the ties that bind may fray is when some people's egos get too big. I, of course, am too humble to ever create that sort of problem!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but did any of them listen???

Unless the WAP personalities start accepting some constructive criticism, objective feedback and advice outside of their "party of two" they will end up wasting the opportunity they have with this party.

There have been a number of questions regarding personnel choices, lack of understanding as to how a political party actually operates, lack of a plan and their current priorities.

And, there are definitely egos involved. I just hope these are simply growing pains but I will continue to watch and see how things unfold.

Anonymous said...

The WAP Leader meeting with current sitting MLA's right now (whether it is to try and gain momentum or credibility by getting them to cross) is a waste of time. No MLA is going to risk the livelihood of their family on a leader who hasn't yet proven herself, doesn't have a seat, a transition plan, lots of money (there are definite signals that the party has a lot less money than they have been trying to make people believe) or doesn't even appear to be remotely interested in developing the proper party infrastructure to a level that is needed for the WAP to be successful.

Brian Dell said...

Well I was not ignored and in exchanges it became somewhat clearer who is flexible, collaborative and has the pulse of the province and who hails from the "my way or the highway" school of thought. I think the former will ultimately prevail as more and more open-minded Albertans get involved and engaged but we will see how things develop in the months and years to come.