Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stephen Carter chief of staff for Danielle Smith

In response to a query, Wildrose Alliance leader Danielle Smith has confirmed to me that Stephen Carter will be her chief of staff. This is another step in the professionalization of our party leadership. In a party of 12000+ members, Danielle will not be able to spend her time leading if we are all clamoring over each other to demand her time and attention. For Albertans who have not had the opportunity to meet Danielle directly, in my opinion her spatial awareness has made significant progress since June such that if you should choose to attend an event involving Danielle and approach within a metre of her she will be aware of you and will be interested in meeting you face to face as soon as she can appropriately break away from her current conversation and make your personal acquaintance.

For those of us who have already had our one-on-one interaction, I would advise contacting Stephen who, as someone with Danielle's full faith and confidence, will manage access to our leader with an eye to our mutual interest in a dynamic and successful political party. I would accordingly encourage both media and party workers interested in contacting Danielle to get in touch with Stephen who will do his absolute best to ensure that you are fit into Danielle's schedule as appropriate to the priorities of the party whom Danielle was elected to serve, and Albertans in general.

Stephen is Executive Producer of event planner Carter McRae, and is a veteran spokesman for not only the federal Progressive Conservatives (subsequently the Conservative Party) but for the provincial PC party. The Alberta PC Association has to its credit a number of highly capable campaign workers, and the Wildrose Alliance extends a warm welcome to each and every one of these accomplished individuals who have decided to join the party of Alberta's future.

In the summer of 2007 I carried a sign-up sheet around with me to collect the necessary signatures to register a brand new Wildrose Party of Alberta. What do those people I approached at weddings, etc think when they see "Wildrose" in the headlines now?


Anonymous said...

Bad choice of chief of staff for anyone who was in the Alliance prior to him being there. He will hire all his PC friends and anyone who had any existence in building the party before him can forget about getting a staff position.

Anonymous said...

If anyone takes issue with what I said, his twitter post says it all.

Kinda shocked at the number of "former" PC organizers wanting to help with #WAP already. Cool. I thought I may be alone for a couple months

Anonymous said...

Carter is one of the furthest left of all the Tories I've ever heard of - makes you wonder where this party is going?

Carter McRae Events said...

Love the anonymous comments. Ladies and gentlemen, call me if you are interested in working for the party.

Please note that all policy at #WAP comes from the members.

Call me if you have concerns.


Anonymous said...

Mr Carter, tell everyone about how your company just went bankrupt and you are stiffing all of your suppliers....while setting up a new company and continuing business like nothing happened.

Talk about no integrity..... too bad for Danielle she's picked such a scumbag to associate with.

Forget the politics, this is just bad business and embarrassing for the party.

This will cause major damage once the word really gets out about who Danielle has entrusted.

Pay your bills you deadbeat!!

Anonymous said...

The Calgary Herald is reporting that Carter is no longer Danielle's chief of staff and has not been since early November, and that he was the interim chief of staff for a few weeks. Can anyone explain why he was chief of staff for such a short period of time?

Anonymous said...

Because he is a complete MORON!

He got fired because he's a total embarrassment to everyone he works with.

A good move by WAP, we just need to hope that Carter crawls back under the rock he emerged from.

He has already started up a new company called "B Bold PR". Rumor is they plan to keep doing what they were doing, but leave their debts behind and screw anyone that trusted them and to whom they owe money.

Now this is a guy who you want handling your PR, since he did such as masterful job with his own, no?

Anonymous said...

There's a problem with the Wild Rose party in general. As a university student in Calgary, I started attending the public conferences and information sessions that were going on around the city, trying to be more informed on who there was out there for me to vote for. I found that my opinions and thoughts did align with those of the Wild Rose party and was excited to get a little more involved in the process. A friend of mine told me that the Danielle Smith campaign had an office in Calgary and were looking for some students to help them with some work at the office. My friend and I started working with them on night shifts as that's all the time we had being full-time university students. We worked a few nights from 8 at night till 8 in the mornings, stuffing envelopes, completing databases, running spreadsheets. I was fun and different working through the night but proved to be incredibly grueling when school rolled around the next morning and it was time to leave the office to get to class. The office promised to pay us $25 an hour to do this overnight work, which is a fair rate and very exciting to hear as a starving student. When the time to be paid came around however, when i contacted the office to try and come by to pick up my check, the campaign office had packed up and moved on, the space was abandoned.

I have never received payment from these dishonest, misleading individuals and am understandably, a little more then peeved about it. Needless to say I will never actually be voting for this party that is so poorly managed. Too bad an election didn't happen earlier or they probably could have tricked me into voting for them the same way they tricked me into working those long, class alertness sacrificing nights that I apparently worked for free.

Brian Dell said...

I have not deleted the above comment but I should note this anonymous claim sounds rather dubious.

The fact they moved offices is not material. It was no big secret. But what seems especially unlikely is that Wildrose promised $300 a day to someone to stuff envelopes etc, and during the middle of the night. This is volunteer work, and if it wasn't, for $25 an hour they could find someone to do this at 3:30 in the afternoon, not 3:30 at night. Who was supervising? Students were just let loose in the office all night? If this was truly unpaid labour then it would be far more effective to ask another political party to help you get your wages through the legal system than posting anonymously on a blog.