Wednesday, October 8, 2008

in Africa

Apologies to all for no notice of the fact I have been travelling in southern Africa.

It has been a very concrete, physical experience: Kalahari sands too cold to walk 10 steps on at 3 AM, too hot to walk 5 steps on at 3 PM; spectacular sunrises and sunsets, moonrises as well; getting into sync with the cycles of the sun and the moon; enduring a series of days where it was 42 degrees in the shade, fresh water snorkeling in Lake Malawi, dealing with breakdowns, fascinating fellow travellers, etc.

I arrived in Mauritius on August 27 and Jo'burg on September 4. I'm currently in Malawi. Next up: Zambia, although that may be the end, with me flying back to Jo'burg from Lusaka on or about Oct 21. We'll see!

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