Saturday, July 19, 2008

Madcon "Beggin'" Lyrics

Madcon is all the rage in their home of Norway, but I don't believe they've got any radioplay in a country that has English as an official language, which means many Europeans, especially the German speakers (for whom Beggin' has been a hit), have been having trouble with the lyrics. So here goes (the chorus should be obvious to everyone, so I'm not providing lyrics for it). Note my added editorial notes and (underlined) idiom links to make it more understandable; there's still a lot of Yoda-speak (e.g. An empty shell, I used to be) though:

Put your loving hand out, baby
I'm beggin'


Ridin' high, when I was king
Played it hard and fast 'cause I had everythang
Walked away, wonderin' when
But easy come and easy go and
it would end

So why [is it that] anytime I need, you let me go?
Anytime I veek [send mobile video], you get me know
Anytime I seek, you let me know
but I plan and seek to just let me go

I`m on my knees while I`m (beggin')
'cause I don`t want to lose (you)
I got my arms on spread
and I hope that my heart gets fed,
[as] a matter of fact, girl, I'm beggin'


I need you (yeah!) to understand
[that I] Tried so hard (hey!) to be your man
The kind of man (ho!) you want in the end
Only can then
[can] I begin to live again

An empty shell, I used to be
Shadow of my life was hangin' over me
A broken man, that I don't know
Won't even stand a devil's chance to win my soul

Why we chewin'
[on this]? Why we chasin'?
Why the bottom? Why the basement?
[when] we got good sh*t, don't embrace it?
Why the feel for the need to replace me?
You're on a "wrong way" track from the good
I'm only paintin' a picture tellin' where we could be at

like a heart in a dash way should
[like a living heart should]
You hadda give it away, you had it 'til you took the pay
But I keep walkin' on, keep open doors
Keep hopin' for that the cord is yours
[I hope there is still a bond between us]
Keep close at home, 'cause I don`t want to live in a broken home
girl, I'm begging you


I'm fighting hard
to hold my own (hold my own)
[to maintain my position]
Just can't make it
all alone (all alone)
I'm holding on
can't fall back (no, I'm fallin'!)
I'm just a-callin' but to fade to black!

(and I can't come on to go) (4x)


The lyrics for Back on the Road will have to wait...


naresh said...

wow, thx man . i love this song and nowi can sing along

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Anonymous said...

this is the most accurate set of lyrics i've found for this song.. thx bro!

Anonymous said...

Is small mistake in the name of this group: it is Madcon not Madcom (previous name was Mad Conferens)

goutham said...

cool man.. thx...

life in yonder said...

Could you please write down the lyrics to "Liar" as well? Please? (if and when you have the time). Love that song :-)

Thanks in advance!

Brian Dell said...

OK, changed Madcom to Madcon. I've been on the road in different countries since last summer so haven't time for looking at more lyrics but by this June should be relatively settled somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Note that the 'Yoda speak' (An empty shell, I used to be) comes directly from the Frankie Valli original lyrics