Saturday, July 3, 2010

the short version

I realize that most readers are not going to read my last post because it is just too long, never mind all five of my posts in the last week.

So I direct those interested in the short version of my concern to this story by the left-leaning (for the USA) New York Times, Labor’s New Critics: Old Allies in Elected Office. The fiscal chickens are coming home to roost to such an extent across the US that even ex-labour leaders turned public office holders are finally standing up to the public sector unions.

Yet here in Alberta there doesn't seem to be a politician anywhere on the political spectrum willing to talk tough while the fiscal chickens are still in the air, so to speak. The eventual result of this is going to be the fiscal crises we are seeing elsewhere coming to Alberta and when that happens, the new teachers, nurses, and public employees of that time will likely be scapegoated in an over-reaction because there was a severe under-reaction earlier that allowed today's public union pensioners to get away with unsustainable or unjustly enriched agreements.

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