Sunday, February 7, 2010

a first attempt with Windows Live Movie Maker

I took the photos and short video clips that I shot a little over two years ago of an odd sight in the former capital of South Vietnam and put them together with the Movie Maker utility that came with the Windows 7 installed on my new Sony laptop. In terms of production it's no Avatar, but when I came across Bobby Vee's 1961 tune "Walkin With My Angel" I decided I must attach my orangutan media to the track. I reckoned the video was a bit short so extended it and added some audio sung by 10 year old Aaron Carter... seemed the macho thing to do!

I should say that I am alive to the contention that orangutans walking upright could potentially be analogous to dancing bears, which in Europe have led to protests against forcing animals to perform unnatural stunts. But given the fact that orangutans will apparently walk upright for extended periods of time on their own volition, and this particular spectacle not being organized for an audience, I thought it fair to conclude that it's just cute, absent the contrary opinion of an orangutan expert.

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