Thursday, December 31, 2009

grim toll in Afghanistan

I have not seen DND disclose the names of the soldiers killed on December 30 yet so I best not disclose those details either, but suffice to say that Wednesday was a difficult day for 41 Combat Engineer Regiment.

One of my two current house mates made a little memorial (photo below) to a guy he knew for 12 years on the main floor here at the militia house.

I didn't know the departed as well but if I could talk to him I'd say it was my pleasure to hang out with you those few times years ago and your sacrifice will not be forgotten.

The red circles were not in the original photos. I added them with Windows 7 Paint after to identify Sgt George Miok. Below is a photo of George (centre) on a 35 km march in Bosnia in October 2002 with fellow Canadians.

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Thoughtful post.