Tuesday, November 25, 2008

comments on financial crisis in development

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province and the only city with international flights to northern Burma, is forecast to be cold, relative to Dali, so I expect to be here in Dali until Sunday. I'll thus head to the Burmese consulate first thing next Monday morning with the idea of flying to Mandalay as soon as possible next week. Hot and humind southern Myanmar (Burma), including the capital Yangon (Rangoon), has little appeal to me, so unless I want to book an extra flight from Yangon north, the time to go is when I'll be in Kunming anyway. There is also a Burmese consulate in Kunming, so if I were to go to Burma later, I'd have to route through a city that has one, which might be out of my way.

I was thinking of getting to northern Thailand via Laos, but entering Thailand from Burma would be rather more unique, and I may go through Laos anyway to return to Kunming next month. There is apparently a two week wait to get a Burmese permit to exit overland, but applying and waiting in Burma where I'd probably be for 2 weeks anyway is reportedly easier than trying to enter Burma and go far into the country from Thailand.

All this to say that I've got some time on my hands this week and I've started putting together some thoughts about the financial crisis and its policy implications.

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